Professional ceramic hair straighteners, the choice on the best models like ghd classic


The professional hair straightener is a must-have accessory for women to always be in order and fashionable from the comfort of home. More affordable than in the past, they make it possible to obtain perfect folds and above all durable in a few steps. 

How to best use a hair straightener

The hair straightener is most widely used for those with short hair and want to recreate a long-lasting fold or a smooth hairstyle from home without damaging the scalp with heat. A plate, in fact, should not be used every day and it is necessary to follow some precautions like:

  • Medium temperature. It is not necessary to load the plates at high temperatures, as these are professional models and with the spread of uniform heat ensure maximum performance on the hair.
  • Plate coating. This element was previously not highly valued and there was no lack of cheap aluminum materials that actually damaged the hair over time. To date, the best plates use materials such as ceramics for a more uniform heat during ironing and for greater ease of movement so as not to pass the plate over the same point several times.

It is also important to select the temperature between the functions of the best hair straighteners. In particular, it is preferable to use models that have standard temperatures, and that in the case of wavy hair, they can reach temperatures up to 200 degrees for greater action.

What are the best models of professional plates?

Documenting even on the internet with respect to the best models on the market, it is useful to learn about new products such as ghd classic and order them immediately to get a professional look like in a hairdresser in a short time. Moreover, it also allows you to discover those that are the best models for performance and price. In fact, compared to the past, a professional plate is cheaper, especially if purchased through common e-commerce channels.

ghd classic plate review   allows you to immediately point out an important point as the materials and the importance of ceramic slabs for ease of movement during ironing and for better heat distribution. Ideal both for creating a smooth hairstyle and for a trendy curly effect, the ghd classic also features an ergonomic handle and an insulating hood to protect the plates in the event of non-use.

Furthermore, as with the other professional plates, it tends to heat up quickly and maintain uniform heat throughout the entire ironing process. Security measures on a hot accessory during use are also highly valued, ie a cold and easy-to-handle external handle as well as a useful stand-by function in case of non-use for over 30 minutes.