The 5 best active ingredients against stretch marks


Many cosmetic products are now based on shea butter because it is a precious ingredient with great moisturizing power and therefore helps a lot even in the case of stretch marks. The advantage of this product is that it gives great hydration and the skin immediately looks better.

Rosehip extract

One of the active ingredients that are often found in the cream against stretch marks is the extract of musk rose which is really beneficial against these imperfections of the skin and dermis, formed on occasions such as pregnancy or adolescence during which there are changes important and sudden bodies that do not leave the skin long enough to stretch but the connective fibers split to form the anti aesthetic lesions. This extract of noble roses is prefect to favor the natural production of collagen and elastene, two elements that help the skin and the derma to regain its elasticity. The bear extract helps regenerate the dermis cell membrane, which immediately looks better.

Sweet almond oil

Another ingredient that can be of enormous help in the fight against skin lesions such as stretch marks is the sweet almond oil that is easily found today in the supermarket, without necessarily having to go to herbal medicine. It is important that the package contains only one and only ingredient: sweet almond oil, preferably from organic farming. This oil can be used all over the body thanks to its very deep moisturizing power but it is advisable to use it on damaged parts such as hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, breasts etc. for a circular massage that helps the penetration of the product until it is completely absorbed.

Silk proteins

Another ingredient that Le Jeune’s stretch mark cream boasts to counteract these imperfections is silk protein, which derives from silk threads woven from a small silkworm that feeds on mulberry leaves, a sort of wild blackberry. Silk proteins are valuable in the fight against stretch marks since it is a product capable of creating a protective oil on the skin that remains hydrated for a long time, even all day. Thanks to the deep hydration that the silk proteins give the skin, it is soft to the touch and regenerates the connective tissue that had broken off causing the stretch marks, red or white.

The lady’s mantle

A homeopathic remedy against stretch marks is the Alchemilla; a plant that has excellent dermatological properties. The reason lies in the fact that this plant helps to restore the correct pH of the skin, also helping its deep hydration that reaches the innermost layers. It is the hydration of the areas where the ugly stretch marks have arisen, the secret to mitigate them and no longer have this aesthetic problem that can create embarrassment, both to her and to him as it is a skin problem that also affects men.